Logena Technology Company

Karin group is a leading provider of automation solution, engineering services, construction services, and medical supplies to wide range of clients since its creation in 1993. The group consists of Karin Technology Company (KTC), the flagship of the group, Logena Technology Company (LTC) and Basic Medical Services (BMS). This feet is accomplished through our top of the line products and our qualified, dedicated and experienced staff.

Logena Technology Company (LTC) is a spin off from KTC business to create more focused approach and specialized cored business. The KTC business lines that were shifted to LTC include IP Data Networking, Building Management System, Mechanical Systems, Physical Security Systems and other activities. Maintaining our competitive position in our core business, We employ our unique organization culture, professional excellence and financial strength diversifying through spin offs this achieving synergy towards value creation for our stakeholders. Establishment of Logena Technology Company several years ago is a result of our progressive and futuristic approach. By using external and peer benchmarks, we identified gap and developed a more integrated and holistic set of goals and targets to drive sustainability further into our core business processes.

The combination of top notch products, hands on management, talented and professional staff is the engine of growth of our business. Looking back it reminds us with a great pride what has been achieved by our people over a short span of time; the epicenter of our organization. Our expanding organization demonstrates our devotion picking the right markets and the right opportunities. We frequently create partnerships with industry leaders to combine skills, knowledge, technologies and operational expertise. Our group companies are part of a family, and are empowered to run their own affairs, yet the companies help one another, and solutions to problems often from within the Group somewhere, our companies form Group, with shared ideas, values, interests and goals.

It is integral part of our evolutionary strategy to provide our customers with premium quality products in efficient and environmentally sound manner, deliver exceptional services and customer support through core business and diversification, providing a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees. We aspire to be the leader in all areas of our business by constantly streamlining our business as we definitely would not settle for being termed as just “very good”. Our aim is to become a transparent, embedded success story within our clients organization which can only be essentially achieved through unconditional customer and staff satisfaction. We follow the highest business ethics and standard of conduct, that is, to be honest, trustworthy, and conscientious and dedicated to the highest standards of ethical business practices. The future is challenging, but we are confident by diversity, commitment and expertise of our employees, working interactively with out clients, project suppliers and service partners inspire our vision.

Our Challenge

Technological Advancement

Enormous concerns over security and the  constant  technological advancements over the recent years has strategically transformed the need for our business, but has also introduced new risks. Only having to hope ‘solution’ out of deployment of equipment is no longer a viable answer to a host of security concerns, as at the end, security relies on the quality level about considerate system designing implementation and monitoring under exemplary measures. As the need to be there is everlasting, we continue to challenge ourselves to come up with the most reliable security solutions for our customers to certainly exceed their expectation levels.

Our Team

It’s easy to do great work when risk taking and innovative thinking are applauded.Our clients look to us to determine their future, and we look to our employees to go beyond their expectations. Our internal structure gives us the opportunities to do so. As a private company, we can develop technologies based on passion, ideas, and insights, rather than shareholders’ demands.

At LTC, our commitment to our customers is a two-way street. We want to provide them the best possible products and services, and we eagerly seek out their thoughts and reactions so we can keep on improving and innovating to meet their needs.

At LTC, our goal is to strengthen our business through our most valued assets — employees. As our people’s talents grow, so does our company. Ultimately, we want to help our employees develop and grow. At LTC, your career & future, is what you make it. LTC is a place where our employees are passionate about how they can impact today as well as the future of our company. That’s why they are future maker.

LTC Instills these four core values: Trust, Perseverance, Responsibility and Self Development.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of  LTC to maintain its reputation as one of the leaders in Contracting and Provide Solutions for Automation, Engineering services and Construction in Saudi Arabia through;

  • Understanding the customer needs and providing best products, which meets their expectation and complying to the relevant national and international standards.
  •  Implementing and maintaining the Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 standard.
  •  Working towards continual improvement in every business entity of the company, by improving QMS effectiveness.
  •  Gaining customer confidence in our products and services through the continual technical assistance.
  •  Setting SMART objectives at all functional levels of operation and monitoring the performance and updating these objectives periodically.
  •  Developing the competence of our employees.