Wall Mounted Fan Cool Units

HWW-M Features:

  • High design appearance with rounded lines, structures in ABS with improved mechanical features resistance to aging.
  • Heat exchanger battery in copper tubing and aluminum fins with elevated heat exchanging surfaces equipped with air blowing in condensation drain.
  • Tangential 3-speed fan unit, maximum silent operations, air flow fins with adjustable horizontal direction and motorized deflector fin controllable via remote control.
  • Microprocessor control with timer for on/off programming. Program for automatic operations cooling, heating and ventilation; nocturnal wellness program and dehumidifier.
  • Automatic restarting after power outage.
  • Flexible hydraulic hooks-up for easy installation and maintenance operations.
  • Easy removal and cleaning of air filter, maintaining appropriate air quality.
  • Infrared remote control with wall support.
  • From 0.8 ton to 2 ton.
  • From 2.7 kw to 7.2 kw.